Wednesday, July 12, 2017


When I was a child, my parents often would take my brother and I to the water slides at Raystown Lake.  It was always something I looked forward to.  As an adult, I usually make the 2+ hour drive back to Raystown...not for the water slides (I'm not even sure if they are still there)...but to ride the Allegrippis Trail system on the northwest side of the lake.

Dave Raymond riding along Hydo Loop near Raystown Lake -- July 11, 2017

The most important thing I've learned on my four trips to ride Allegrippis is that...with more than thirty miles of trails, created as a series of stacked loops in a collaborative between the Army Corps of of Engineers and the International Mounain Bike Association, and designed specifically for mountain's super easy to get carried away!  Tim found this out first hand when, while riding Ray's Revenge, his tires kicked out from underneath him shooting him a few feet down the embankment.  It's not for a lack of warning...there are signs everywhere cautioning the rider...but I'll admit that as my bike rolled along I found myself easing off of the brakes and allowing the terrain to carry my bike along the perfectly laid out trails.  So...with a smile growing on my face, the trees flying past me, the trail passing underneath my bike, and an appropriate amount of caution in the back of my mind...I allowed myself to get a little carried away.  That's what riding is all about.

"CAUTION DIPS" warns riders on Ridge Trail -- July 11, 2017

Dave Raymond, Tim Sindlinger, Glenn Medice taking a break on Ridge Trail just above Raystown Lake -- July 11, 2017

Tim Sindlinger (front) and Glenn Medice riding Hydo Loop -- July 11, 2017

A few miles out of our way...but a stop at Eat N Treats is a must after riding the Allegrippis Trails.  Glenn Medice at the window picking up his post ride ice-cream -- July 11, 2017

Life is a journey...not a destination.

David A. Raymond -- July 12, 2017
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My father pointing my brother Jake (left) and I in the right direct while riding the water slides at Raystown Lake way back in 1986.

Here's the GARMIN map and stats from my ride on the Allegrippis Trails near Raystown Lake with Tim and Glenn...