Just a little less than a month ago I said goodbye to another group of history students.  My parting, end-of-the-school-year advice changes from year to year...but this year it seemed very relevant and well received.  I basically just reminded my students that they only have one life to live.  I asked them to make a commitment over the summer to go outside and watch life through their own eyes...not someone else's life through a screen.  I asked them to go outside and create their own story...don't sit and binge watch someone else's story on Netflix.  Just days after school let out I was completely stoked when I crossed paths with one of my students (on his bicycle) while I was riding Rocky Ridge with Chris Keller.  Personally, I love when parents of my students tag me in photos of super cool places they visit over summer break.  After a year of seemingly non-stop testing (tests, by the way, most adults would have trouble passing) it's great to see kids outside learning, making their own adventures, and living life through their own eyes.


While riding Rocky Ridge County Park with Chris Keller I ran into one of my former students who was on his bike enjoying the park -- May 31, 2017

#NoChildLeftInside applies to my own son, Alex.  He never got into mountain biking...but he loves the outdoors, loves to ride my old road bike, and loves to go for hikes with me.  This pic was taken in Michaux State Forest last summer. -- June 22, 2016

Life is a journey...not a destination.

David A. Raymond -- June 23, 2017

Be sure to check out H.R.882  - No Child Left Inside Act of 2015 introduced by Representative John P. Sarbanes, D-Md.  The goal of the bill is to provide meaningful outdoor education experiences for students across the country. It's been referred to the sub committee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education and then was introduced in the House of Representatives on February 11, 2015.  Call your local representative to support it.

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My brother and I had the notion of #NoChildLeftInside firmly embedded within us by our mother and father. This picture was taken in  Ohiopyle State Park .  Jacob and David Raymond -- November 1980

Here are the GARMIN maps and stats from my ride with Chris at Rocky Ridge and my hike with Alex in Tumbling Run: