Saturday, October 8, 2016

THE VOICE IN MY RIGHT EAR -- October 8, 2016

My emotions, yesterday afternoon, ran the gamut...ranging from anger, depression, and fear. When I got on my bike after school, for what I knew would be a very quick ride, I conscientiously began to try to keep track of how long it would take for those emotions and feelings to dissipate and fade into the background.  I wanted to see how long it took for the negative thoughts I was having to be replaced by something so much better.  Clipped in, and with Springsteen in my right ear, I began down the road.

A guy and his bike.  Just what I need after a rough day.

I never regret a ride...even when I feel horrible...and I was feeling pretty horrible.  So, as I watched the gray road pass beneath my front tires the white lines blur in my peripheral vision...I waited for the voices in my head to change.  My mind drifted to The Price You of my favorite Springsteen songs...and then, silence.  I assumed that it was the pharmacy calling me to tell me that a prescription was ready.  Normally, on a ride, I'd just let it go to voice mail...but for some reason I answered.  It was my wife.  She knew how I was feeling and what a rough day I had.  It was her voice in my right ear that began to change my emotions.  Before I knew it, I was halfway through my "quick ride," and she was still keeping me company. All those bad feelings were now somewhere far behind me.  Usually, my bike and the Boss are enough to do the trick...but yesterday, it wife's voice in my right ear that made me feel better.  It's a voice I'm always happy to hear.

My wife, Robin, and I on the steps of the National Archives in Washington, D.C.  It was just a small part of my birthday trip last weekend.  We completely got our "nerd" on -- October 2, 2016

Life is a journey...not a destination.

David A. Raymond -- October 8, 2016

No matter how bad I felt earlier, my bike ride and the conversation with Robin, really improved my mood.  It helped me get pumped for a night out in York City with our friends Kim & Mark Lentz.  What started out as rough day ended up as a fabulous evening -- October 7, 2016