Wednesday, October 5, 2016


On Monday morning I opened the calendar on my phone and saw that I have some sort of appointment or meeting after school every single day this week. of those weeks when it's hard to find time to get out and do the stuff we love to do.  But somehow, I've managed to get out and slow things down a bit.  I haven't ridden anything difficult...and my rides haven't been long (they were all under 45 minutes)...but they've allowed me get out, spin my legs, clear my head, recharge my batteries, and enjoy this beautiful October weather here in south-central Pennsylvania.

A quick ride around Lake Williams today was just what I needed -- October 5, 2016

I squeezed a road ride in on Tuesday.  I passed this sunflower field just west of Manchester, PA -- October 4, 2016

Lake Williams on a beautiful October afternoon -- October 5, 2016

I just couldn't pass this up today! -- October 5, 2016

The hardest part about riding during these busy weeks is my lack of motivation after a long day of teaching 8th graders.  It's so easy to leave the bike hanging in the garage.  Today, I literally fell asleep in the waiting room before my  appointment.  I was tired and exhausted.  The thought of "bagging" the ride I had been planning to squeeze in after my appointment passed through my head quite a few times.  Thank goodness there's a part of my brain that reminds me that I NEED TO RIDE.  The part of my brain that reminds me that, no matter how tired I matter what my time frame is...riding is, for me, the best drug available.   I ALWAYS FEEL BETTER after, and I NEVER REGRET, riding my bike.

Life is a journey...not a destination!

David A. Raymond -- October 5, 2016
All pics courtesy of SQUIRRELS WITH CAMERAS

Yep..a lot of appointments this week.  How do assess my pain today?  I guess it's off the chart! -- October 5, 2016