Friday, October 14, 2016

DOWN IN THE GUT-- October 14, 2016

I gave Tim options today.  We got to a point in our afternoon ride at Rocky Ridge when a decision would have to be made about which direction we would go and...ultimately, what kind of ride we wanted to have.  Did we want to double back and ride the same trails in the opposite direction?  Did we want to make a left and take the upper trails to the other side of the park?  Or...did we want to head down to "the Gut."  

Tim (in the background) and I enjoying the ride down into "the Gut" -- October 14, 2016

Rocky Ridge County Park is known for a lot of's rocks, the miles kool single track packed into such a small area, the amount of climbing you will do, and area of the park called "the Gut."  You've really got to be in the correct frame of mind to ride "the Gut."  The descent down into it is blast...but be prepared for a rocky, eroded, and technical ride out which climbs approximately 300 feet in 0.9 miles.  Yeah...the ride up and out isn't easy.  In the spring it's wet, muddy, and soft.  Today, it was bone dry and as loose and sandy as it could possibly be.  You've got to be in the mood to ride it...and today, Tim was.  So, when I laid out the options, Tim chose to head down into "the Gut."  On a Friday afternoon...with a lot on my mind...I'm glad that was the option he picked.  Down in my gut, I knew that's what I wanted to do, too.

Taking a break down in "the Gut" -- October 14, 2016

Taking on the rocks down in "the Gut" -- October 14, 2016
Pausing on a bridge Tim and I took notice how dry things really are here in south central Pennsylvania.  The stream that usually keeps "the Gut" wet is bone dry.  Check out this ultra kool photosphere that shows just how dry the conditions are right now. -- October 14, 2016

Riding a "new to me" trail that is directly above "the Gut" -- October 14, 2016

Life is a journey...not a destination.

David A. Raymond -- October 14, 2016

'Tis the Season!  It's only October...but the park is ready for Christmas Magic -- October 14, 2016