Sunday, September 18, 2016

SOLO RIDE -- September 18, 2016

Usually, mountain biking provides me with a good dose of GROUP THERAPY.  Although I always road ride alone...I consider it my "me" time...I very rarely head out solo on the mountain bike trails.  Mountain biking for me has always been about sharing time and experiences with friends.  But sometimes schedules, calendars, and life just don't come together the way we would all like it too.

Taking a short break on a hill overlooking Lake Redman.  Nice view.  You can check it out HERE -- September 18, 2016

 So, when I sent the message out that I was going to ride at Swatara State Park this afternoon (which was the only time free riding time this weekend) Kristian was the only person who was able to give me the thumbs up.  Even that didn't turn out we expected.  My time frame got pushed back an hour and Kristian had family stuff that needed attention...which (in my book) is always much more important than mountain biking.  So...with my gear all packed...and no one available...I headed out solo for the first time in a long time.  Instead of Swatara, I just headed down to the Lakes to do an easy loop around Lake Williams.  

I brought my old primer gray helmet out of retirement for today's ride -- September 18, 2016

The Lakes were beautiful today -- September 18, 2016

Riding the ridge that parallels the power lines above the Lakes -- September 18, 2016

Crossing over the Lake Redman spillway I caught a glimpse of the geese lining the edge of the dam and playing in the water -- September 18, 2016

Nice easy ride around the Lakes today -- September 18, 2016

The Lakes were pretty low today.  I don't know why this surprised me.  After all, none of the rain that we hoped for the last few days has materialized for us here in York County.  Most of the trails are bone dry and almost seem to be crumbling apart in some places.   Lake Williams appears to be nearly 5 or 6 feet lower than usual.  At some places I could even ride on areas that would normally be completely submerged in several feet of water!

Kinda "stumped" as to why the Lakes are so low --  September 18, 2016

The trails were so dry that they seem to falling apart.  Central PA needs a little rain -- September 18, 2016

This pic give you a good idea as to how low Lake Williams is right now.  Left of the piece drift wood you can see my tire track in the lone section of  mud that I came across today -- September 18, 2016

I was able to ride my bike on dry ground that is usually under several feet of  water at Lake Williams -- September 18, 2016

From South George Street it is obvious that the upper part of Lakes Williams is pretty much drained -- September 18, 2016

For me, mountain biking alone is weird.  Yes, I missed my friends and I missed the TRAIL TALK.  I missed the jokes and laughter and conversation.  Neat thing did give me time to play around with the camera on my new cell phone.  I did hear all the chipmunks and squirrels running through the brush.  And I did get to stop and talk to an elderly couple who were just out for a walk around the lake.  So yeah...normally mountain biking is time with my friends...but today, my solo ride turned out all right. 

Life is a journey...not a destination.

David  A. Raymond -- September 18, 2016
All pictures courtesy of SQUIRRELS WITH CAMERAS

Why did my ride today get pushed back an hour?  I took my amazing wife to the train station in Lancaster.  I couldn't miss the opportunity to spend a little extra time with her before she left for New York City -- September 18, 2016