Wednesday, July 6, 2016

KEEPING AN EYE ON THE CORN Part 1 -- July 6, 2016

At some point in my life my father used the phrase "Knee high by the 4th of July" to describe how high the corn in the local farmers fields should be by mid summer.  Its funny how little things like that stick in my head.  When I was young the summer seemed so endless.  Not so much anymore.  I love the gift of time that I receive each year...but unlike those summer days long ago...time no longer seems to stand still.  

Coming back towards the town of Bedford, PA on Cumberland Road (County Home Road for those of us who grew up there) I paused to check just how high the corn was -- July 6, 2016

My favorite summer time wild flower is the blue chicory that grows along side of the roads and highways in Pennsylvania -- July 6, 2016

The 4th of July has come and gone this year and before you know it (for lack of any holiday to exploit until Labor Day) stores will begin their "Back To School" sales.  It's not that I dread going back to school in the fall...I don't.  It's just that I love the summer and the time I have to refresh, rejuvenate, and yes...ride my bike.  Sometimes, as I coast down some of the back roads past the farm fields, I briefly close my eyes and appreciate this gift of time that I've been given.  So, as I took my bike out today and pedaled down some of the back roads of my hometown of Bedford, Pennsylvania, I kept one eye on the road and the other on the corn...thankful that, as of right now, it's still only knee high. 

Life is a journey...not a destination.

David A. Raymond -- July 6, 2016


The iconic Coffee Pot on West Pitt Street just west of downtown Bedford, PA -- July 6, 2016