I'm  not sure if he heard the phrase somewhere or if he made it up...but when Mark Lentz first uttered the words "signs of maintenance" he expanded our mountain biking vocabulary.  These three words forever changed our idea of what a trail could be.  Let's use them in a sentence:  "Looks like there are signs of maintenance." some time during the history of the planet earth...some person has walked, hiked, or ridden a bike (or horse) in this a general place.  When spoken, these three words can stir up a multitude of emotions.  When we're tired, and we've already spend a day of muddling through the muck and mud, the words can bring a string of curse words to our lips.  The few times we've been lost (as lost as we've ever been) hearing the words can bring a sense of relief.  The thing matter what emotions we feel when we hear them...they've always provided a way to the ice cream at the end of the ride.  Who doesn't like that?

Tim and Mikey found signs of maintenance in Patapsco Valley State Park -- July 2, 2012

Life is a journey, not a destination.

David A. Raymond -- May 1, 2016

Mark found signs of maintenance at Mount Penn -- July 2, 2014