Friday, January 1, 2016


Happy new year!   With 2015 safely in the rear view mirror it's time to get started on all I want to do in the next 365 days.  All around me I hear people making resolutions for the new year...and I can't help but wonder how they will fit all the things they want to do into a 24 hour period.   Personally, I've never been one to proclaim a resolution for the new year.  I do set goals.   Most of the time they are mileage goals for my bike riding. This year my mileage goal is 2,500 all purpose cycling miles.   This would be an increase of almost 300 miles over what I rode in 2015.  I managed to get a jump start on that today by taking a short eight mile New Year's Day ride through the neighborhood.  But, I don't think a mileage goal is any more of a  true resolution than losing weight, working out more, saving money, or eating less ice cream (perish the thought!)

 I think...and I may be wrong...but I think a true resolution needs to be a mind set...a way of life.  Why would I choose one thing over another?   So, this year, I'm going out on a limb and stating my resolution.   This year I simply want to be a better person.  There...I said it...I want, in my eyes, to be a better person.  I want to be proud to be me.  I want to be stoked about who I am and what I stand for.   My theory is...if I am proud of who I am and if I'm the best possible person I can be...won't all those other things take care of themselves?   

Robin & David Raymond, Rocky Ridge County Park -- January 1, 2016
So, today, I started my day (and my new year) with my best wife.  After coffee and eggs we headed up to Rocky Ridge for a hike.   It wasn't long or difficult hike...but it was fun, relaxing, peaceful, and just...nice.   It was nice to be out in the frigid January air with the one person in the world who promised to be my partner through all that comes our way.  The one person who knows me better than anyone else...and loves me in a way that no one else ever has.  With her in my corner I don't know how I could possibly fail.'s to being the best "me" I can possibly be in 2016.  I'm sure that will also mean many bike rides and multiple scoops of ice cream...after all, I gotta keep eating right!

Life if a journey, not a destination.

David A. Raymond -- January 1, 2016