"OH, THE WEATHER OUTSIDE IS..." -- December 12, 2015

.....Delightful!   Yes, the weather outside is absolutely delightful!   With Christmas less than two weeks away, who would ever have thought that I would leave the 70 degree temperatures of West Palm Beach, Florida for the 70 degree December temperatures of south central Pennsylvania?!  With all the decorations out, houses lit up, and Christmas carols on the airways it sure is looking and sounding like Christmas....it just doesn't feel like it...and that's alright with me.

No sleigh for Santa this year....He can use my bike -- December 13, 2015
I've been looking forward to today all week.   The weather guys have been saying that we could possibly hit a record high today.  I don't know if we did that....but it sure was a great day for a bike ride.  Twenty five miles of summer time fun in December...flying down Canal Road, a quick tour of Mount Wolf, and a big climb up Hill View Drive, an amazing descent down Jerusalem School Road,  down past Central York High School, into Emigsville, back up the Susquehanna Trail, and then home.  All this with no long sleeves and no full finger gloves.  Oh, the weather outside definitely is delightful today.   I do know though, if the past few Pennsylvania winters are any indication of what could be coming our way, it's possible that by next week, we could be smack in the middle of a frozen tundra....but while the air is warm, and while the temperatures are mild, I plan to enjoy the ride as long as I can.

Life is a journey...not a destination.

David A. Raymond -- December 13, 2015