Friday, October 30, 2015

THE LONG SHADOWS OF AUTUMN -- October 30, 2015

As much as I love summer, the long shadows of Autumn create scenes that seem to come straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting.   Today my after school bike ride took me out though the town of York Haven and back.  It felt great to be outside in the cool, crisp air.  The sun was lower in the sky, peaking through the purple and white clouds, and highlighting the last of the orange, red, and yellow leaves hanging on the trees.  The long shadows of the season helped create a backdrop that was nothing short of amazing...turning ordinary sights into colorful and amazing works of art.  Sometimes pictures ARE worth a thousand words.   Allow me to just let my pictures speak for themselves today.  
Pumpkins line the field at Farmer Dan's Pumpkin Stand near Manchester, PA -- October 30, 2014
The Little Conewago Creek was turned into a shimmering ribbon of water today -- October 30, 2015
The tops of the trees lining the farm fields west of Manchester are still covered with bright foliage -- October 30, 2015
Once bright yellow, this field of sunflowers near Manchester, PA  makes for a really cool autumn scene -- October 30, 2015
David A. Raymond -- October 30, 2015
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