Tuesday, October 27, 2015


The remnants of Hurricane Patricia will turn tomorrow into "washout" Wednesday here in south central Pennsylvania.   The soaking rain and wind will, more than likely, bring an end to the colorful foliage that has provided an incredible backdrop for my bike rides this autumn.
As November nears the leaves begin to fall -- October 27, 2015
I really wanted to get out after school today to enjoy the Fall colors while they last. Cruising out of the neighborhood, I decided to head over to Starview Road.    Starview a nice, long climb that opens up to an incredible view and an orchard.   When I ride I usually follow a few simple rules:  One, have fun.  Two, be safe.  Three, carry what you need to fix your bike in case of an emergency.  Four, if I ride with someone (or in a group) I will always wait at the top of a hill and, if someone in the group is faster than I am, I ask that they do the same for me. 
Fixing my flat tire on the side of Starview Road -- October 27, 2015
Starview Road -- October 27, 2015
Why rule number four?   Starting from a complete stop in the middle of a climb is no fun.   But, when you blow a tire halfway up, there is no avoiding it.   Yep...good thing I had what I needed to fix my bike gave me the opportunity to soak in the scenery around me.  Ten minutes later my tire is fixed and I'm back in the saddle.   

The levels of the Susquehanna River near Saginaw, PA will surely be higher after tomorrow's rain -- October 27, 2015
I thought a quick trip down through Saginaw and to the the Susquehanna River would be fun.    Coming back out of Saginaw I took a short ride on Long road, headed through Mount Wolf, and then back into Manchester.   By this time, I could almost hear the Turkey Hill black raspberry ice cream calling my name from the freezer in the garage.
Poison ivy overtaking the pole at the entrance to my neighborhood -- October 27, 2015
Even the poison ivy is pretty this year -- October 27, 2015
As I was about to make the final turn into my development my eyes caught the brilliant colors climbing up the electric pole on the corner.    The pole that I avoid like the plague in the summer time.   The pole that in inundated with poison ivy.  Yes...this year even the poison ivy was pretty.  I love autumn.   I'm holding out hope that tomorrow's rain won't completely wash it away.

David A. Raymond -- October 27, 2015
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