Saturday, October 24, 2015

BOB ROSS WOULD BE HAPPY -- October 24, 2015

In the early 1990s I went to college at California University of Pennsylvania.   For  two years I lived in McCloskey Hall with Chris Lowe.    Each weekday, at 2 PM, we would come back to the dorm to watch THE JOY OF PAINTING WITH BOB ROSS.  The show was a stress reliever.   A time out from our day.   An opportunity to see Bob Ross fill his canvas with amazing colors and"happy little trees" and "happy little rocks." 

Lake Williams from the top of trail 4 -- October 24, 2015
Bob Ross would have loved to be on our ride today.   The Lakes in York County were a canvas of colors.   If the foliage isn't at's darn near close.  Tim and I were here last week but our ride was cut short and we didn't get to ride all that we wanted to.   Today we set out to ride the fun stuff we missed out on a week ago.  Today's ride very nearly didn't happen.   I take a lot of pride in the fact that, 99% of the time, I can fix and maintain my own bike.  There are those times, however, that I

Riding up a connector trail between trail 4B and trail 4 -- October 24, 2015
rely on the services of the best bike shop around, GUNG HO BIKES.  I need to express some serious gratitude to the guys at the shop; James, Clark, and Derrick, for making sure I was even able to get out this weekend.    

Cruising clockwise around Lake Williams on trail 4 you begin to see entrances to Richard Nixon Park.   Donated to York County in 1968 by the Bob Hoffman family, and set on 187 acres of meadows and woodland, Nixon Park supports a wide variety of  of plant and animal life.   Because it is a nature preserve the trails are for foot traffic only.  

Taking a break on the ridge that overlooks Lake Williams -- October 24, 2015
Trail head for Hardwood Trail in Nixon Park -- October 24, 2015
Skirting the outer perimeter of Nixon Park, Tim and I made out descent off the ridge back down towards the Lake Williams Dam.   Across the dam, and on the other side of the lake, Tim and I made our way down to trails that, in the summer time, we wouldn't even consider riding.    In the heat of June, July, and August, these trails are overgrown with thorns and poison ivy.   Today they were perfect!  With a solid trail underneath of us we soaked in the beauty of the trees and the lake as we easily maneuvered around and over branches, rocks, and logs that crisscrossed the trail.

Riding single track at the Lakes with Tim -- October 24, 2015
Nearing the end of our ride, we began making our way up the next ridge.   The trails, 2B and 2C, cross small creeks and streams...wind through cut lines for local power lines...and eventually drop us off at the lake near our starting point.   

This millstone is all that remains from the Keystone Grist Mill -- October 24, 2015
For an odd reason I deviated from my normal path back to the truck.   Tim and I ended up passing an millstone.  I've been riding the Lakes now for 20 years, but today I learned that the area was once home to the Keystone Grist Mill.   The mill operated from 1832 until 1910.   It was shut down when it's water source, the Codorus Creek, was dammed to create Lake Redman.   

An amazing canvas of colors at the Lakes today -- October 24, 2015
After rides like today, I wish that time could stand still.    As we move closer and closer to end of October I know that the autumn colors and foliage won't last.   The leaves will fall and the canvas will change.   But just like watching an episode of Bob Ross, I'm sure that the changing seasons will provide more beauty and colors to paint the landscape.

David A. Raymond -- October 24, 2015
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