SLOW RIDE (TAKE IT EASY) -- September 21, 2015

I love the fact that Rocky Ridge is only 15 minutes from my house.   I can be home from school by 3PM and at the park by 3:30.   Plenty of time to get a quick ride in on my mountain bike with Mark Lentz.   Mark and I both teach at Northeastern.   He and I have been riding together now for ten years.   Mark is good at what he does...both in the classroom and on his bike.   The best part is that he doesn't brag or show off in any way.   He's one of the few people I know that, at a moments notice, is there to help. Yesterday he raced and proudly "won a beer for his wife."  Today he just wanted to do a slow ride.   You know...take it easy.  

Getting ready to ride with Mark Lentz at Rocky Ridge -- September 21, 2015
We almost didn't get to ride.   Mark brought his "husky" bike.   He's been having trouble with the wheel set.   About a tenth of a mile down the trail his back tire blew up on may face and covered me with Stan's.   I guess I should explain.   Both Mark and I have tubeless tires.   Stan's is a liquid that is put into the tires to help keep them inflated.   It's wonderful (as long is it works).  It's sticky if it doesn't.  

Amazingly we were able to inflate Mark's tubeless "Husky" with just my hand pump.  Can't miss the Stan's painting the outside of his 3" tire -- September 21, 2015
Coating the parking lot with Stan's -- September 21, 2015
Amazingly we were able to get his big (not fat) tire inflated with just my pump.  That in itself was a workout.   Off we went...and take it easy we did.    That doesn't mean that we didn't burn a few calories.   We climbed out of  "Gut," rode up "Forbidden Four," & navigated Trail 8.   All things most people wouldn't do when they are going for a "slow" ride, but, as Mark always says, "If it's too hard for everyone else, it's just right for us."

David A. Raymond -- September 21, 2015