Wednesday, August 12, 2015


With two separate doctor appointments today I knew that this mornings ride wouldn't be a long one.  That doesn't mean that is wasn't fun.
Orchards on top of Starview Road.  In the distance you see Three Mile Island on the left and Brunner's Island on the right.

Even though Starview Road is a category 4 climb I enjoy starting a ride with it.  The view of the Susquehanna Valley at the top of Starview Road is one of my favorites.  Looking through the orchards in northeastern York County you can see Three Mile Island nuclear plant and the Brunner Island power plant.   

Rolling though the farm fields of the area I headed towards the Codorus Creek at a spot 
The Codorus Creek just feet before it merges with the Susquehanna River.

right before it merges with the Susquehanna River.  The road makes a sharp left at the creek and turns into River View Drive.   A nice stretch of flat bicycling that parallels the railroad tracks and heads
River View Drive and the railroad tracks heading towards Saginaw, PA.

towards the little town of Saginaw, PA.   My short ride today wrapped up with a quick trip through the town of Mt. Wolf, PA....the home of Pennsylvania's current governor, Tom Wolf.  Mount Wolf is also the home of Northeastern Middle School, my home away from home.

Northeastern Middle School sits on the hill above the town of Mt. Wolf.

Short on time does not mean short on fun!

David A. Raymond//August 12, 2015