Saturday, August 29, 2015


Often, when I ride out Codorus Furnace Road, I see a road off to my my right that wanders south over the hills near Starview.  I've always wondered what it was like...but I never rode it simply because I was on a mission to to go somewhere else.   Well, today my mission was to ride it.  Again, with limited time, my goal was to get at least a fifteen mile ride in.   
The Codorus Creek near Central York High School.  A great put in spot for rafting or kayaking--August 29, 2015

Most of the time, when I ride, I shuffle the music on my phone.  Not today.  For some reason I loaded up Springsteen's The River album.  The music just seemed perfect for my mood.  This morning I crossed the Codorus Creek near Central York High School. This section of the creek is one of York County's hidden secrets.  Often times you will find cars parked along the bridge.  It is a great put in for rafting and kayaking.  This particular part of the creek, after a big rainstorm, will boast class 4 and class 5 rapids!  You could hardly believe it on a day like today when the water levels are low.  In August of 2006, one of my best friends, Mark Lentz took me down the creek for the first time. What a blast!

Jerusalem School Road--August 29, 2015

Up the hill from the Codorus Creek, I turned onto Jerusalem School Road.  I can't overstate how beautiful the scenery is out here.  The rolling hills, blue sky, and old stone houses.  It wasn't long until I reached my destination:  Hillview Drive.  It didn't disappoint. The road meandered down the hill and made some unexpected turns.  
Hilview Drive.  Of in the distance you can see TMI (on the left) & Brunner's Island (on the right)--August 29, 2015

At one point I had a great view of both Three Mile Island nuclear power plant and Brunner's Island coal plant.  On a clear day like today everything came perfectly into focus.  I think that is, ultimately, why I ride.
The fog lifts away and everything comes into focus.

David A. Raymond//August 29, 2015