Sunday, August 2, 2015



For almost 20 years I've been mountain biking.   I've been road biking since gas shot up to over $4 a gallon in 2008.  Over all that time I have met some incredible people, seen amazing places, and done some awesome (and sometimes stupid) things.  After each ride there usually is some time for hanging out at local ice cream shops.  It just adds another dimension of relaxation, fun, and friendship.  For some reason I've never truly documented all of this.  I've collected pictures and have them anally categorized, I've made posts on Facebook and Instagram, tracked stuff on Garmin and Strava....but never put all that stuff together.    Ultimately, my purpose is to share my adventures, highlight the best (and worst) trails we've ridden, give a couple shameless plugs for local ice cream shops, and share stories of the multitudes of friends that I have met along the way and shared some of these journeys.

August 1, 2015
Tim Sindlinger and I spend two fun hours at Swatara Gap near Fort Indian Town Gap, PA.  Swatara is a lot of fun.  Very twisty and turny.  Lots of  fast rolling singletrack.   You  can ride all of the loops in less than two hours and get a great 10 mile ride in.  

A second adventure happened on the way home.  There are a few options for ice cream after riding Swatara Gap.  Option #1:  A campground right off of interstate 81 in Lickdale.  It has a nice porch to sit on and they serve Hershey's Ice Cream.  The down side is the high prices, small portions, and incredibly disgusting bathroom.  Option #2:  There is a Wendy's next to the campground...however they do not serve milkshakes and the Frostys give Tim the shits.  Option #3:  Dairy Queen across the street from Wendy's.  It is currently closed for remodeling.  Option #4:  McDonald's.  This is where we ended up.  Good, fast service.  I got my chocolate shake and Tim got a soft serve sundae.

After leaving McDonald's I had a massive brain fart and took the wrong exit onto interstate 81.  I figured to just go up to the next exit and turn around.   One mile up the road we ran into a 6 mile backlog because of an accident.  I ended up driving across the median to turn around.  Our 1 hour ride home was doubled...but fun.

David Raymond riding D Loop clockwise

Tim Sindlinger riding "D" loop clockwise.

David Raymond riding through the pines near the end of "D" loop.

Tim Sindlinger and David Raymond doing a balancing act on loop A1.