Tuesday, August 18, 2015

AFTER SCHOOL RIDE//August 18, 2015

The 90+ degree weather couldn't keep me off of my bike after school today.  After meetings all day at school it was just what I needed.   I must have been in a hurry because, for the first time in my life, I took off without my helmet!  I noticed it about a quarter of a mile from the house when my shadow looked odd.  
One of the most prominent features of the Manchester, Mount Wolf, York Haven area is the huge stack that lets out steam from the coal generated power plant at Brunner's Island.  I use it for every road ride.  It is a good way to gauge which way the wind is blowing...and how hard.  
Steam from Brunner's Island can be seen from almost anywhere in York County!  It is a great way to gauge the direction and speed of the wind.

I knew for the start of today's ride that it would be tough coming home with a head wind coming strongly from the southeast.    Despite the heat and the wind the views today were fabulous.  Riding

The Conewago Creek at the intersection of Conewago Creek Road and Bower's Bridge Road.  8-18-15
View climbing up Bower's Bridge Road.  8-18-15

along Conewago Creek road offered a great view of the creek.  I spotted a few blue herons along my route today.   Today's ride finished the same as yesterday...with a ride up through the industrial park behind my house.   It is a great climb that is usually not that difficult.  Today's wind was right in my face...that's the nature of it though.   

David A. Raymond // August 18, 2015