I take thousands of pictures every year.  It's kind of my thing...along with mountain biking, hiking, and  teaching history.  I have absolutely no formal training in the art of when I take (what I think is a really cool photo) it is simply by chance.  Picture taking while mountain biking and hiking serves the duel purpose of allowing me to slow down and rest my "recently operated on" back while also helping me to preserve some really awesome memories. 

After looking through all of the pictures that I've taken while biking and hiking over the past year I found a baker's dozen that I am particularly proud of.  These thirteen pictures, in my opinion, are the ones that best highlight and preserve the beauty and awesomeness of the outdoors in which I love to spend so much of my time. are (in no special order) my favorite pictures of 2017.

I took this ultra cool pic of my Stumpjumper while riding Ridgeline Trail in Michaux State Forest with Mark Lentz. -- July 31, 2017

The first of two pics from an epic ride Mark Lentz and I took in Tuscarora State Forest.  I took this pic from Bower Mountain Road as Mark (faintly visible on the road) made our way up the mountain and above the fog. -- July 6, 2017

The Fall foliage was pretty amazing this year.  I took this super cool picture of my Roubaix and the Conewago Creek when I was on one of my after school bike rides. -- November 2, 2017

This year, on our wedding anniversary, Robin and I took a hike through Watkin's Glen in New York.  The entire hike was something out of a story book.  I took this picture as we approached Rainbow Falls.   If you've never been...go hike Watkin's Glen.  It's absolutely beautiful!  -- July 21, 2017

I took this picture of my Stumpjumper leaning against the South Harrisburg Wall Project during a ride with Mark and Glenn on the Parkway Trails in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Urban mountain biking at it's best! -- July 26, 2017

Michaux State Forest from Pole Steeple Vista.  Robin, Alex, and I climbed to the top of the ridge to see the amazing Pennsylvania foliage. -- November 4, 2017

Just before I made my way down Baughman Trail in Ohiopyle State Park, I took this pic of the view from Baughman Rock Overlook.  What an amazing view of Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands.  This pic has been featured as the header on my blog ever since I took it in June. -- June 13, 2017

With a massive thunderstorm approaching York County, Mark and I decided to cut our ride at Rocky Ridge short.  As we made an abrupt turn back towards the vehicles I took this picture of Mark riding towards the storm.  -- September 5, 2017

A few hours into our trip to Florida, Robin and I took a slight detour off of Interstate 81 and drove a short while on the Blue Ridge Parkway....just in time for the sunset.  What an amazing sight! -- November 25, 2017

This late fall picture of the sun shining at a low angle through the nearly depleted foliage was taken at Rocky Ridge County Park. -- November 3, 2017

Shortly after we were married, Robin and I discovered that, when traveling, we enjoy visiting...and hiking through...local Botanical Gardens. I took this surreal picture of a plant called Flying Dragon Trifoliate Orange when we visited the Botanical Gardens at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. -- November 26, 2017

Yeah...I love this pic. I took it on my only ride of the year in Swatara State Park.   I entered this picture into a photo contest sponsored by Pennsylvania Parks and Forests.  It won one one of the Critic's Choice Awards.  My prize...a gift card to Pennsylvania State Parks.  I've already used it to book a future camping trip with my wife. -- June 6,  2017

Hands my opinion, one of the best photographs I've ever taken.  The second of two pics from our epic ride in Tuscarora State Forest,  I picked my head up as I followed Mark Lentz up a fire road though the fog.  I was in awe of  the scene surrounding me.  Without Mark knowing, I stopped and capture the moment. -- July 6, 2017

Life is a journey...not a destination.

David A. Raymond -- December 18, 2017

The best ice cream pic of the year...I love Vaccaro's in Baltimore's Little Italy! -- March 25, 2017

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