Saturday, June 4, 2016

NO CLASS -- June 4, 2016

I've not been "out of school" since 1978.  That's the year I began kindergarten.  After high school came college and after college I began teaching.  So...that makes, using my below average math skills, 38 years of my life within a school.  I really do love my job teaching American History to 8th graders and, this past Thursday, I wrapped up my 21st year as an educator.  I will admit though, as much as I love teaching, I really do look forward to the biggest "perk" I get...time.  Like many educators in Pennsylvania, the first five years of my career were spent taking graduate courses during summer vacation...but now I'm afforded the ability to enjoy my summers, do things, and go places that would impossible for me if I had chosen another profession.  

After I left school I began my summer break with a bike ride.  No class today!  --  June 2, 2016

Every summer I usually have a few trips planned with my wife and my son...but most days start with a cup of coffee and breakfast with my wife and then off for a bike ride.  Tim and I have a standing Tuesday mountain biking date at Michaux State Forest...Mark and I will go out whenever we can...and in between...I just get on the road bike and go.   When I got home from school on Thursday I put on the gear and headed out for an afternoon ride.  Nothing too special...I just pedaled down toward the Conewago Creek, up through Mount Wolf, and home through Manchester.  Summer has officially begun!

Taking a mid ride break to fix Mark's flat tire.  Why is Nate doing the work?  --  June 3, 2016

Yesterday, Mark Lentz, Nate Hake, and I beat the rain with really fun ride at Rocky Ridge.  Yep...finally back on my mountain bike after two months of recovering from my back surgery.  It feels so good to be back doing what I love.  I'm not breaking any speed records and I'm surely not getting and KOMs...but man, it feels great!  We rode a lot of the standard trails at Rocky Ridge which included some great climbs up the fun side of the Gut and trail 8 stopping only to fix Mark's fat flat.  

Fixing Mark's stubby, but not fat, flat tire -- June 3, 2016

I did rush home after our ride because I needed to get ready and catch a flight to Phoenix, Arizona to visit with my wife (who is there on business), my brother, my two little nieces, and my nephew.  Before I left I had time to celebrate my first rides of the summer with some lunch and ice cream at the Bobcat Creamery with my son, Alex.  The Creamery does an amazing job working with Northeastern School District, the FBLA, and the local community promoting school pride.  And...they serve Turkey Hill ice cream.  The milk shakes and root beer floats are amazing...just saying.  

At 11 am I was having lunch and dessert with my son, Alex, at the Bobcat Creamery in Manchester, PA -- June 3, 2016

At 11 pm I was landing in the desert of Phoenix, Arizona -- June 3, 2016

It really does blow me away that I can wake up in my own bed in Manchester, Pa...ride my mountain bike with friends...take my son out for lunch and ice to Hunt Valley, Maryland...catch a train to BWI to Minnesota...and catch another flight to Phoenix all in one day.  Yep, it's summer...and I can do all of this because I have no class. 

Life is a journey, not a destination.

David A. Raymond -- June 4, 2016

This morning I woke up in Mesa, Arizona.  Today's high temperature is predicted to be 119 degrees.  Hanging out in the pool sounds like a plan.  --  June 4, 2016