My wife is truly amazing.  She's beautiful, talented, affectionate, and brilliant.  In the words of my high school English teacher (and now Facebook friend) Michael Hercane...."How did a guy like me marry someone like her!"  Since we've been dating, Robin and I have enjoyed taking hikes together.  Recently, with all of her work travels, those hikes have not been as frequent.  All the more reason to get excited about our hike today at Rocky Ridge

David & Robin Raymond on Trail #9 at Rocky Ridge -- September 6, 2015
We got out early enough today to beat the Sunday mountain biking and picnic crowd.  When we go hiking I usually try to find new areas for Robin.   These are usually places that I would mountain bike.  Today we parked in the lower lot near the power lines.  On this bright and sunny morning you could hear the electricity crackling from the power lines coming from Three Mile Island.  

Sue's Trail looking north towards the lower parking lot at Rocky Ridge -- September 6, 2015
Trail #9 at Rocky Ridge -- September 6, 2015
I took Robin up Sue's Trail and down trail #9... one of my favorite to mountain bike.  When walking the trails and the woods take on a different form.  I see and hear things I don't normally see.  I notice, more than usual, the critters in the woods scurrying around.   And, it is more peaceful.   I love sharing this time and this place with my best friend and the person who I love more than anything.  That is best part of it all.

David A. Raymond--September 6, 2015