Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I actually had no intention of riding my bike today.  The weather man had been predicting a washout.  I had planned to sit a home and work on an on-line course.  I also planned to take a break in the middle of the day to go to Central Market in downtown York, PA.  

Central Market building in York, PA.  Picture taken from Philadelphia Street.

Central Market in York, PA.  Picture taken from Beaver Street.

Well...the weather man got it wrong and the skies cleared up nicely by 9 AM.   So....naturally, instead of driving my truck into the market I decided to ride my bike there.  
My main reason for going to the Central Market in York was to visit Kramer at Market.  You see, Kramer's has become a vital part of my life.  
Quite the selection to choose from at Kramer at Market.

Central Market in York, PA

Parking my bike at Kramer at Market

Fifteen years ago I was diagnosed with hereditary high blood pressure
 and I needed to find something healthy to put into my body.  I found just the thing with the tea from Kramer at Market.  Besides...going to market is fun.  You can find just about anything there and the people are incredibly friendly.

To get home today I decided to take a longer route in order to get a few extra miles in.   I passed the statue of the Marquis de Lafayette in downtown York which stands in front of the Horatio Gates House.  

Statue of the Marquis de Lafayette raising a toast to his "good friend, General Washington."  I couldn't help but let him wear my helmet for a while.

Both the Marquis de Lafayette and Horatio Gates played a vital role in the American Revolutionary War.   Many historical events from the American Revolution happened in the city of York, PA.  On multiple occasions I have brought my students to the Colonial Complex in York to hear stories about Horatio Gates, the Marquis de Lafayette, the Second Continental Congress, and the Conway Cabal.  

Even on a supposedly rainy day....I still got a ride in.  Cool.

Life is a journey, not a destination.

David A. Raymond//August 11, 2015