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Sunday, December 2, 2018


We all need "me time," but nothing pulls me out of a seasonal depression funk better than time with family and friends.  I think about this a lot this time of year the sun sets earlier and the temps hover around the freezing point... the amount of time that I spend outdoors and the frequency that I am able to get together with friends to soak in some Vitamin N drastically decreases.  A little GROUP THERAPY can go a long doesn't matter if it's a hike in the woods with my family or hitting the trails with the guys in my mountain biking circle...togetherness feels amazing.  So yeah...nothing seems better for my mind and body than doing things that I love, in places that I love, with people that I love (yes...that includes you too, Glenn).  So, here are (in no particular order) some pics of recent group therapy spanning the past two years.  Enjoy!

Taken after we had just finished riding Grave Ridge Trail in Michaux State Forest...this photo ranks as one of my all-time favorite group pics.
 Back:  Tim Sindlinger, Glenn Medice, and  Matt Linnane.  Front:  Dave Raymond -- August 15, 2017

A rafting trip on the Youghiogheny River has become an annual's four-ish hours of of wild and fun group therapy!
 Left to right:  Devin Seiger, Alex Raymond, Chris Lowe, Dave Raymond, & Cliff the Guide. -- June 19, 2018

Local hikes at Rocky Ridge County Park provide easy access to Vitamin N and group therapy.
 Left to Right:  Alex Raymond, Emma Sadowski, Dave Raymond, & Robin Raymond. -- November 4, 2018

Taking a break along Gargamel's Trail in Michaux State Forest to listen to one of Glenn's stories.
 Left to Right:  Dave Raymond, Glenn Medice, and Matt Linnane -- July 25, 2017

Pausing during an extremely hot and humid hike on Beech Trail in Ohiopyle State Park.
 Left to Right:  Mike Graham, Alex Raymond, Dave Raymond, and Devin Seiger. -- June 20, 2018

Time for some extreme cold group therapy with my neighbors.  Mike Alicea, Brent Shirk, and I braved single digit temps to ride a few miles on the Parkway Trails in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Our faces were frozen...but we were smiling on the inside! -- December 28, 2017

My kids are all I jump at the chance to share my love for the outdoors with my neices and nephew.  This past summer, Robin and I took them to Ohiopyle State Park for a weekend camping trip...which included a super cool hike down and around Cucumber Falls.
 Left to Right:  Sophie, Jackie, Isaac, Robin, and Dave Raymond.  -- June 30, 2018

Group Therapy comes in all forms...even in the form of fixing one of Tim's flat tires while riding in Michaux State Forest.
 Left to Right:  Ben Kelly, Tim Sindlinger, and Dave Raymond. -- July 10, 2018

Hiking to the top of Tumbling Run in Michaux State Forest is always a treat.  It was especially fun with this group.
 Left to right:  Alex Raymond, Emma Sadowski, Blythe Arnold-Scott, Dave Raymond, & Mike Graham. -- August 1, 2018

Dave Raymond, Tim Sindlinger, and Matt Linnane pausing for a pic in Swatara State Park at the exact spot in which Tim and I met Matt a few years prior.  -- June 6, 2017

Matt Linnane, Tim Sindliner, Adam Zeigler, and I were all smiles as we donned our best holiday attire for our first ever UGLY SWEATER RIDE.  Thanks to the never-ending rain, this ride on the HERSHEY MEDICAL CENTER TRAIL SYSTEM was one of the muddiest recent memory!  -- December 2, 2018

Some post-adventure food and group therapy at our campsite in Ohiopyle State Park.  Good food and great friends!
  Left to Right:  Chris Lowe, Mike Graham, Alex Raymond, Dave Raymond, Devin Seiger, and Cliff the Guide. -- June 19, 2018

Life is a journey...not a destination.

David A. Raymond -- December 2, 2018

Some of the best group therapy happens at the GUNG HO BIKES.  Nothing beats fixing and selling bikes with the group of guys that I have the privilege to work with.  Left to right:  Jim Seevers, Dave Raymond, and Ben Kelly. -- November 29, 2018

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Here are the GARMIN maps and data from rides and hikes featured in this post.  #OptOutside

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Sunday, October 28, 2018


Last Friday's ride weighed heavily on me all week long.  Physically, it took me more than a couple of days to bounce back from bouncing off of the unforgiving ground that makes up Rocky Ridge County Park.  Mentally, I fell into that "mountain biking funk" where I knew that all I had to do was get out on my bike and have a good ride...but my body, my schedule and the weather weren't being cooperative.  Truth be told, I wasn't even planning on riding on Friday until some already established plans fell part early in the afternoon...allowing me a small window of time to get out on my bike and rebound from last week.

My Stumpjumer on the ridge above Lake Williams. -- October 26, 2018

I opted for a ride around  Lake Williams over, what would have been, my fifth consecutive mountain bike ride at Rocky Ridge.  Besides, after last week, I figured a change of scenery (and terrain) would be a good thing.  Fall has finally arrived in south central Pennsylvania turning the leaves around, what use to be, Lake Williams brilliant oranges and reds.  As for the lake, it's least for now.  The water company recently drained it to fix the Lake Williams dam...turning the area that was the lake into a barren landscape.  The only visible water is the East Branch of the Codorus Creek snaking through the dry lake bed, which...when dammed up, creates Lake Williams.

The East  Branch of the Codorus Creek carves a path through Lake William's dry lake bed. -- October 26, 2018

I took this pic of the now dry Lake Williams from the trails near Water Street.  I find it fascinating to see the man made structures that are below the normal water level.  Off the left of this pic you can see an old spring house.  On the right, you can make out the foundations of  structures that once stood there.  Super cool. -- October 26, 2018

Arriving back at the trail head on South George Street you can clearly see the East Branch of  Codorus as it spills out of Lake Redman in into the area that is Lake Williams. -- October 26, 2018

 I wish I could have let some of my riding partners know my plans...but it really was an unexpected development.  With the weather forcast for the weekend looking downright miserable I was stoked to be able to get out for even a short ride. I felt great to pedaling the six-ish miles of trail that runs the perimeter of Lake Williams.  It's the perfect loop for a solo ride...flowing single track with climbs, descents, and plenty of options to add extra adventure to the ride.  It was the perfect way for me to rebound,  get back into my groove, and remind me of why I love mountain biking so much.

Signs around the Lake warn visitors not to walk out on the dry lake bed.  Lake Williams will be empty for the next few months as the Water Company fixes the lake's 106 year old dam.  -- October 26, 2018

Life is a journey...not a destination.

David A. Raymond -- October 28, 2018

Just as advertised...the weather sucked today which led to a lazy day at home with capped off with an Italian dinner (and dessert) at the Moonlight Cafe with my beautiful wife, Robin. -- October 27, 2018

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Here's the Garmin map and data from my rebound ride at Lake Williams...Happy riding!

All of my posts are available at ALL TRAILS LEAD TO ICE CREAM and, if you get the chance, be sure to visit the good folks at YOUR TRUE NATUREGUNG HO BIKESPENNSYLVANIA DCNR, and PA PARKS and FORESTS FOUNDATION.